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Terminator 2

The “Terminator 2” online slot is a classic title from the Microgaming team. It features symbols, video clips, and sound effects from the original film. And because everyone wins when you save the world from an army of killer robots, its win rate approaches 97%.

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How to play Terminator 2

Pays out any winning combination:The Terminator 2 slot is an easy to understand game, because it simply pays out any winning combination that you receive in the playing area. Combos can only be made from left to right and must appear on adjacent wheels, however this can be changed if you receive multiple scatter symbols. Only one winning symbol combination per spin counts; if there are multiple winning combos on a spin, the highest one will be paid out.

Wild symbols: can be used to replace any other symbols with the exception of scatter symbols, or the T-1000 symbol if you are playing on a free spin.

Overall: the simplicity and number of ways to win make this a very enjoyable slot for players of all skill and experience levels. The gaming action is fast and furious, but not so much so that you’ll become lost and unable to understand what is going on. If you’ve felt intimidated by the complicated payout schemes that can weigh down some other slots titles, you definitely won’t have to worry about that with the Terminator 2 online slot from Microgaming.

Play Terminator 2 for Free

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Graphics and Sounds

Amazing visual and audio: Living up to the reputation of the Terminator 2 film, this online slot is designed to get your adrenaline flowing from the moment you begin playing. It all starts with the graphic design, which features tons of dark black, silver, and grey colours. It really gives you the feel of being in the world where machines are trying to take control. But more than the visual appeal, the real spectacle is the amazing visual and audio effects that not only capture the best moments from the movie, but also recreate the sense of non-stop action that has caused the film to be so beloved.

The music soundtrack is intense, featuring ear-thumping sounds that are sure to get your pulse racing. But the music also has a sharp, dark edge to it that will really get you in the mood for fighting the ultimate battle for humanity’s survival.

Movie scenes – And while your blood is pounding in your ears, you will also be treated to a dazzling display of the movie’s most iconic scenes. From John Connor’s bike chase to Sarah demanding to know how Skynet is built, all your favourite moments are there. And of course, no Terminator 2 slot could be complete without the most iconic lines from the Terminator himself.

Simply put, you won’t be saying “Hasta la vista, baby” to the Terminator 2 slot without also saying “I’ll be back” as well.

At A Glance

  • Bonus Feature: yes
  • Scatter: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
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Biggest jackpot: Terminator 2 is a standard medium variance video slot, meaning that there is no progressive jackpot. However, that is more than made up for by the fact that it has a win rate for players – nearly 97% – that is much higher than what you will find at other popular online slot titles. So, if you are looking for the biggest jackpot you can find, this might not be the slot for you. However, if you are more concerned with a flow of consistent cash coming your way, then this is definitely an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

Free Spins Jackpot: The largest prize that is available on the Terminator 2 slot comes from the free spins. If you get three scatter symbols within the basic game to activate a free spin, then you will be given a 5×4 area to play with 1,024 ways to win. The maximum number of coins that will be paid out in the game is 880,000.

Special features & symbols

One of the best things about the Terminator 2 online slot is the two bonus games that are available to players.

Free spins bonus game:  which is activated when you are able to score 3 or more Energy Ball symbols anywhere on any of your reels. When playing this game, the T-1000 symbol is a wild, and can be used as any character in the game in order to create the highest winning combination for that spin. The maximum prize that you can win from the free spins game is actually the highest available on the Terminator 2 slot – 880,000 coins.

T-800 Vision bonus game: This is a fun games that not only brings you deeper into the Terminator world, but also gives you the opportunity to win some extra cash as well. It can be activated anytime that you have a spin that did not result in a payout when certain character symbols land in your playing area.

Energy Ball symbols: The Terminator 2 slot does a great job of bringing all the iconography of the franchise to life as well. You’ll find symbols representing your favorite characters, as well as different models of the terminator robots. With the exception of some of the bonus games, the T2 symbol sounds as wild and the Energy Ball symbols are scatter symbols.


Although this slot doesn’t offer the biggest jackpots you’ll find out there, it has a solid payout rate that will keep the variance down and players in action longer. If you are looking for a consistent experience, this is definitely a solid choice for you from a gaming perspective.

On level of pure entertainment, the Terminator 2 slot can’t be beat. Featuring a theme that is a perfect match for the film’s darker undertones, audio that will get your heart racing, and video covering the most iconic cinematic bits from the film, this is a can’t miss slot experience for any T2 fan.