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Play Pink Panther Slot

The Pink Panther free online game brings you all the crazy moments and colorful decor from the franchise that you love, while also offering you a progressive jackpot that gives you the chance to grab a huge winning prize payout.

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How to play the Pink Panther Online Slot Game

Tons of fun and Action – The Pink Panther online slots is a game that offers tons of fun and action to players.  The game’s playing area offers 5 slot reels and 40 pay lines with great wild and scatter symbols that can add to a player’s potential winnings. In addition, there are a lot of great bonus games that keep the action fresh and entertaining by consistently giving you the chance to hit a big score.

Huge Progressive Jackpots – No matter what your experience level with online slots is, there is something for you here. Casual players will love all of the different bells and whistles the game offers, such as a lighthearted and fun playing atmosphere and tons of things to discover, while the truly experienced professional will love the huge progressive jackpots that accumulate, just waiting to be won.

Graphics and Sounds

Graphics – Fans of the Pink Panther franchise are a light-hearted bunch looking for fun, and the Pink Panther online slot hits the tone just right. The game space is very sleek and not at all overbearing, instead being designed in warm tones, and accentuated by the colour pink in order to get you into the right mood. And of course, there is the constant presence of the Pink Panther himself, who will stand by on the left side of your playing space through all of the gameplay.

Sound – The games sounds are highlighted by the iconic Pink Panther soundtrack that you know and love. Beyond that, the game has fun, playful sounds for various game actions that will keep the fun and excitement coming throughout your session as you immerse yourself in the world of the Pink Panther.

At A Glance

  • Bonus Feature: yes
  • Scatter: Yes
  • Wild Card: Pink Panther symbol
  • Free Spins: Yes


This is the highlight of the Pink Panther online slot. As a progressive jackpot game, it is a high variance slot that compensates for fewer consistent payouts by offering players the ability to win astronomical cash prizes as the progressive jackpot builds. The jackpot game is known as the “Jackpot Adventure” and despite the fact that higher wagers increase the likelihood of it being triggered, it can still be triggered on any spin at all – even one that doesn’t win the player any other cash prize.

Two tiers – When you do play the jackpot game, it immerses you the same world of mystery and adventure as the rest of the slot. Behind 12 doors you’ll find the possibility of winning two different jackpot prizes – the Major Pink and the Minor Pink.

How to unlock the jackpots – If you open 4 Inspector Clouseau doors, then you’ll be rewarded with the Minor Pink jackpot prize. If you are lucky enough to open 5 Pink Panther doors, then you’ll be rewarded with the Major Pink jackpot prize. Of course, Little Man will always be lurking in the shadows, and if you do open 3 doors with Little Man behind them, then you will win a consolation prize and have to wait for another chance to score the huge jackpots.

Huge Cash Prizes: But you shouldn’t mistake the light-hearted fun with a lack of seriousness when it comes to winning money. The Pink Panther slot provides players with tons of great opportunities to win huge cash prizes. Beyond the progressive jackpot, the bonus games also give tons of values to players. From multipliers to additional wilds all the way through to cash prizes, there is no shortage of opportunities for you to turn a good time into a serious windfall.

Special Features and Symbols

Scatter and wild – When playing the Pink Panther online slot, the wild symbols are represented by The Panther himself, while the game’s official logo acts as the scatter symbol.

Bonus games – For all of the great iconography and other things about the Pink Panther online slot for fans, one of the best parts of the gameplay remains the different bonus games that you can trigger. These games add variety and flair to the overall experience, breaking up the action with some fun side quests while proving you with the chance to win some extra cash prizes as well. In fact, there are no less than 5 bonus games available for you to play.

Pink Pow: This feature will let the Pink Panther turn anywhere from 2 to 6 of your symbols into wild symbols. These new wilds will replace all others, with the sole exception of the scatter symbols. This game doesn’t directly provide a prize, but could add up to some big wins if you get the right symbols turned into wilds.  The “Crack the Pink Code” bonus game also does not provide a prize directly, instead letting the Pink Panther open locked safes to reveal free games, multipliers, and expanding wilds.

Other games do provide players with the chance to play for prizes directly:

  • The “Wheel of Pink” Bonus Game: Features two spinning wheels – one with a prize amount, the other with “respin” or “collect” – that can combine for an automatic score.
  • The “Pink Trail” Bonus Game: Sends Inspector Clouseau on a hunt for a stolen diamond that can bring you serious cash when found.
  • The “Color Pink” Bonus Bame: you are up against Little Man in a contest of who can paint a fence for more profit.


The Pink Panther hits all the right notes for fans of this hilarious and fun franchise. It proves a gameplay experience that is lighthearted and fun, including some of your favourite zany moments from the Panther himself. The audio will keep you humming to the famous Pink Panther tune, while she fun sound effects keep the game feeling like the enjoyable cartoon that it is.

If you are a fan of the Pink Panther series, or a serious slot player looking for value in the machines that you choose, this slot has something for you. Don’t let Little Man win out…get playing on a Pink Panther slot right now and start reaping the fortune waiting for you at the end of this crazy, fun adventure.

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