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Roulette is one of the most elegant games that you will find at the casino. On the one hand, it’s steeped in the complicated patterns of tradition that comes along with sophisticated gaming. Yet on the other hand, it is also a game whose simplicity and ease of play has been providing players of all skill levels with fun and excitement for years. Just like Canadians, it is layered – a tough exterior image hiding a soft, friendly warmth underneath.

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Below, we have made a list of the rules on online Roulette, as well as the best casino bonus offers that you’ll find for leading casinos that offer Canadians to the ability to get into the action at the online Roulette tables.

Rules of online Roulette

Online Roulette has the exact same rules as you would find at a live Roulette table in a casino. Roulette gameplay is divided between two main areas – the Table and the Wheel.

The Roulette Table – At first the Roulette table may look like some kind of psychedelic Christmas wrapping paper awash in red, green, and black. But don’t be fooled. The Roulette table is where some serious, hardcore, gaming is done.

Online Roulette Table

36 Different Numbered Sections – In addition to the colors, you’ll find 36 different numbered sections corresponding to the numbers 1-36. In addition to that, there is also a section labeled “0”, and in some versions of the game there might also be an additional space labeled “00”. These will correspond to different spaces on the Roulette Wheel (more on that below).

Additional Sections – Beyond the numbers, you’ll find additional sections that do not have a single digit within them. These are combinations that represent groupings of the colors and digits you will find spread out across the rest of the table. They are:

  • 1st 12 (corresponding to the numbers 1-12)
  • 2nd 12 (corresponding to the numbers 13-24)
  • 3rd 12 (corresponding to the numbers 25-36)
  • 1-18
  • 19-36
  • Even
  • Odd
  • Black
  • Red

Divide – You can place bets on any individual number or grouping. In addition, the individual digits are laid out in a grid, and you have the option of placing a bet that will cover more than one placing your chips on the lines of the grid that divide one digits from the next. For example, if you place a bet on the grid line between the digits 23 and 24, you will be placing a bet on both digits (although the odds will change, as detailed below).

The Roulette Wheel – The part of the game that is its namesake, the wheel is also divided into 36 different numbered sections corresponding to the numbers 1-36, including the “0”, and possibly “00” spaces. These correspond exactly with the digits that you will find on the Roulette table.

How to play a Game of Roulette – A game begins with players placing their bets on any of the digits or other combinations that they find on the Roulette table. While this is going on, the wheel itself is spun, and a small white ball is placed within it. The ball will spin around and around, at which point the dealer – known as a “croupier” – will finalize the betting. The ball will eventually come to rest on a certain digit on the wheel. All bets that match up with that digit will be paid as winning bets according to the odds (see below). That ends the game until a new one begins with a new round of betting and a spin of the Roulette Wheel.

For example, if the white ball comes to rest on the Roulette Wheel on “16” this is a red number that would cause a bet placed on any of the following spaces on the table to be paid as a winning bet:

  • 16
  • Red
  • Even
  • 2nd 12

Online Roulette Odds

There are two different sets of odds in online Roulette, commonly known as “inside” and “outside” bets. These names simply correspond with the location on the Roulette Table where they are placed.

Inside Bets – These bets more or less correspond to those that can be placed on the grid of digits in the center of the Roulette Table. They are:

  • Betting on a single number – 35:1
  • Splitting your bet across two numbers – 17:1
  • Betting on a “street” of three numbers pays 11:1
  • Betting on the “corner” that connects four numbers pays 8:1
  • Betting on a box of 6 numbers pays 5:1

Outside Bets – These bets more or less correspond to those that can be placed on the outside edges of the Roulette Table. These may vary slightly depending on if you are playing with or without the “00” digit on the board. But in general they are:

  • Betting on the color (red/black) pays 1:1
  • Betting on even/odd pays 1:1
  • Betting on a column of 12 numbers pays 2:1
  • Betting on the 1st 12/ 2nd 12/ 3rd 12 pays 2:1
  • Betting the low (numbers 1-18) or high (numbers 19-36) pays 1:1

Online Roulette Odds

Winning Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette is not only a fun game – it can also be a profitable one as well. Online Roulette offers players some of the best odds of any casino games that they will find available for play. You can read about tons of different systems designed to help you take down the house, but the most popular are the following:

  • Martingale Strategy – This is one of the most simple and intuitive strategies to help you win at roulette. It is most commonly used for betting red-black since these are the highest probability wagers. So, what’s the technique? At its most basic, players increase (often doubling) the wager amount after every loss. Since the odds of landing black is roughly 50:50, you should be able to eventually break even, as long as you can bankroll the losses.
  • Reverse Martingale – You can probably guess how this one works from its name. Rather than increasing the bet after each loss, players using the Reverse Martingale strategy will add to their bet after each win. The idea is to try and get on a win-streak when your luck is in, while keeping losses to a minimum. It’s a riskier strategy.
  • D’Alembert – It’s a similar principle to Martingale, but with smaller amounts. Players select a starting amount (say $10), and place an even odds wager such as red/black. If the player wins, they place a bet for $9 next time; if it’s a loss, they play for $11: adding $1 after a loss, and subtracting $1 after a win. The theory is that, over time, with an equal number of wins and losses, you’ll be in profit.
  • Fibonacci – This theory uses Fibonacci’s famous number sequence, where each new number is the sum of the two previous numbers. Here’s a short sample: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55… The idea is that you place bets amounting to each of those numbers, in order. After a win, you drop back two numbers in the sequence. If you get back to the start of the sequence, you’re in profit! This requires fewer “wins” than the Martingale method.

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Top 5 Online Roulette Tips

Play free Roulette online- There is no better way to learn and get familiar with Roulette than to play. If you are feeling intimidated by the thought of using real money a game that you are just starting to pick up, that’s OK. There are many great free online Roulette games where you can get your feet wet first. for ex. at Royal Vegas casino.

Make sure you know the table you are sitting at – Not all Roulette games are created equal. The most glaring example of this is the different between Roulette Tables that use the “00” space. This will affect the odds of the game (and should affect your strategy along with it), so make sure that you know the type of game you are laying in before you place any bets.

Place small bets in relation to your bankroll – Roulette online is a game that needs to be played with the long-term in mind. You should never be risking too much of your bankroll on any one spin, or you risk not being able to play long enough for the odds to move in your favor. If you come to the table with $1,000, use that to make $10 bets and not $100 bets.

Make combination bets – One of the best ways to maximize your chances of winning is to make bets where you an win twice if the right number hits. For example, if you bet the “red” and “top row” combinations, you are more likely to get a double win because there are more red numbers than black ones in the top row.

Play mostly the outside bets – Although it might be tempting to go for the biggest win possible on the Roulette Table and bet on the individual numbers, you are far more likely to come way with winnings by taking advantage of the outside bets that let you win on the more likely red/black, even/odd, and dozen digit combinations.

Online Roulette Game Variations

Although Roulette is always the same basic game, there are two main variations that you will come across and should know about:

European RouletteEuropean Roulette – This version of the game has only a single, green, “0” space. The house edge in this variation of the game is 2.63%






American RouletteAmerican Roulette – This version of the game has both “0” and “00” green spaces. The house edge in this variation of the game is 5.26%






Bottom Line

There is a reason Roulette is one of the most popular games on the casino floors. It’s a game that is easy to learn and simple to play, yet offers all of the excitement of some of the more complicated casino games you’ll see being offered. Combine that with the increased speed of online play, and you can understand why online Roulette is an increasingly popular choice for those who love the game. In fact, once you’ve tried it, you might even begin to wonder why you would play it any other way.

If you are ready to try your hand at the best online Roulette games offered anywhere on the net, make sure to visit our recommended online casino’s so that you don’t miss out on any of the action – or big paydays.

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