PayPal Casinos In Canada

PayPal online casinos make it easier and faster than ever to make deposits and withdraw money from your favorite gambling site. As one of the world’s largest internet payment companies, PayPal casinos offers secure and fast online transactions to countries around the world including Canada. That means you can spend less time worrying about banking and more time winning on top slot machines and table games.

So how does it work?

PayPal serves as a go between so you can conduct transactions with the casino more privately. Rather than provide your bank account information to the gambling site, you can connect using PayPal. You can conveniently link your bank account directly to PayPal instead so you can get your money without disclosing your bank account information to the casino.

See our Guide on How To Deposit Using Paypal , the best option that provides you with safer online banking.

PayPal Casinos

Many popular online casinos accept PayPal. These PayPal casinos offer generous bonuses to players so you can get extra casino cash in addition to the money that you deposit. You can conduct transactions at the following gambling sites:

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Why use PayPal at an online casino?

A reputable company – As a subsidiary of eBay, PayPal stands out as one of the largest international online banking systems. PayPal has partnerships with the biggest credit card services including MasterCard so you know this company has a good reputation. That also means you can expect a number of additional benefits when using PayPal at an online casino.

Widely accepted – First of all, as a large company, you can find many casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method. Once you set up an account with PayPal, you’ll have plenty of gambling sites to choose from so you won’t need to open up numerous accounts with smaller banking companies. All you need is PayPal.

Secure payment system – PayPal also has a reputation as a secure online banking system. You can conduct transactions with the online casino only using your email address connected to the PayPal account. That means you won’t need to provide any details directly to the online casino about your personal bank account, adding an extra layer of security. PayPal also imposes strict security requirements on businesses using its services. If any online casino violates those terms, then PayPal casinos will cease working with the site. In this way, you can expect optimal security when using a PayPal online casino.

Convenient – Anyone who has already used PayPal will know that this internet banking system offers especially convenient and fast transactions. You can securely send and receive money online using either your credit card, debit card, or online bank account. Sending money through PayPal transfers instantly. Opening an account for the first time is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you accept your winnings into your PayPal account, you can quickly transfer winnings to your bank account in less than a day. You can even use PayPal to shop online using your winnings if you prefer.

Special PayPal Bonus – Not to mention, some gambling sites like Betway Casino award a PayPal casino bonus when you use the payment system. That means, you’ll get some extra casino cash to play with just for choosing PayPal.

Our PayPal Casinos

Given all the benefits of paying using PayPal, it’s easy to see why this makes a great option for making deposits and withdrawing payouts. Luckily, plenty of Canadian online casinos accept PayPal.

At – we have many PayPal casino available. Betway Casino accepts PayPal for both deposits and withdrawing payouts. 888 Casino and Jackpot City also accept PayPal for both deposits and withdrawals. Roxy Palace Casino also supports PayPal for deposits and withdrawing winnings, although the site currently does not accept deposits using PayPal. Spela Casino even awards a 15% deposit bonus when players use PayPal for online banking.

How to Deposit Using PayPal

PayPal casino offers convenient and easy online deposits and withdrawals in just a few easy steps. Let’s say you want to pay using JackpotCity Casino. Then all you need to do is go through the following short steps to connect your account with the casino:

Visit PayPal.comStep 1: Visit the PayPal website

Create Your PayPal AccountStep 2: Create an account using an email address

Fund Your PayPal AccountStep 3: Fund your PayPal account using your credit card, debit card, or online bank account.

Pay with PayPalStep 4: Register with JackpotCity Casino or change your existing payment method to PayPal.

Shop with PayPalStep 5: Proceed to depositing or withdrawing money using PayPal.

It’s that simple!

How to Withdraw Using PayPal

There’s a reason PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallets for online casinos: it is fast, easy, and reliable. Here’s how to make a withdrawal using PayPal:

  1. Log in to your chosen casino using your username and password
  2. Select the “Bank” or “Balance” button on-screen
  3. Select “Withdraw”
  4. When prompted to choose a payment, select “PayPal”
  5. Wait patiently – the funds should arrive within 1-2 days!


As one of the largest and most well-known online banking methods, PayPal stands out as a highly recommended way to make deposits or withdraw payouts at gambling sites. With PayPal, you can expect fast, secure payouts without providing your banking details to the gambling site. PayPal imposes strict security requirements on businesses using its services so you can expect safe transactions at any PayPal casino. So the next time you gamble online, why not choose PayPal casino, one of the safest and easiest ways to make deposits and withdraw payouts at your favourite online casino.

  • Published date: 2017-02-16 16:13
  • Modified date: 2020-02-20 07:52