Zombies vs Survivors: Microgaming’s Lost Vegas Features Compared

It’s another instalment of our comparison (versus) series, but in a slightly different format with two different features of a single Microgaming slot put in a perspective to offer an answer to the ultimate question every apocalypse fan has asked himself at least once – Zombies or Survivors?

As the leading software developer and casino solutions provider, Microgaming has created a stunning Lost Vegas slot game – in every sense of that word – dealing with a highly popular subject in the entire entertainment business.

Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas as a symbolic setting for the Zombie apocalypse slot offers great perspective through the pun in the title, whereas the game itself boasts features that make it a must-try for all slot lovers.

It is basically a dual-mode slot game with 5 reels and 243 ways to win which can be played through the Survivors Mode and  Zombies Mode.

Features like Blackout Bonus which strikes randomly in both modes to make all high-value symbols yield a cash prize and the Zombie First of Cash feature, which also arises randomly from the ground in both modes on any non-winning spin are the shared elements, but the real bonus – Free Spins Feature comes in two different forms for a top prize of 97,000 coins.


All playing card symbols will be removed from the reels during the free spins, with each removed symbol adding money to your tally.

Winning combinations pay again after symbols are stashed, whereas the total stash prize is at your disposal at the end of free spins.

Given the fact that free spins end when there are no royals to be stashed, there is no telling as to how many free rounds can players expect.


On the other hand, players who choose to play it Zombie style can hope to land up to 50 free spins with full Zombie stacks infecting the reels at the same time turning the single wilds into stacked wilds.

Free Spins are keen to have all of your reels infected and the feature will last until its done or until you have survived the full 50 free spins. If you do it – if you survive – there is a surprise waiting for you in form of a bonus prize.

And there we have it. If we are to look at it from a non-biased point of view, we could freely say that Zombies emerge victorious in this epic fight. Fortunately or not, it is up to you to decide.

Simply visit Lucky247 Casino and pass the final verdict.