Yggdrasil Gaming Revolutionizes Gaming Industry with iSENSE Platform

Publish: 25.07.2017

Yggdrasil Gaming might not have been considered top-shelf online casino software and service provider until only recently, but this international gambling member has caused quite a ruckus with its iSENSE platform which continues to dazzle the gaming community.

Yggdrasil Gaming Making Huge Waves

iSENSE allowed Yggdrasil Gaming to grow from an unknown entity into a well-established and respected member of the industry overnight and the company’s CEO Frederick Elmqvist revealed in an interview with SBC News that ‘innovation, creativity and hard work’ are the three main prerequisites for success.

What separates Yggdrasil Gaming’s iSENSE platform from the rest of that is on offer in the gaming industry is its customer-first approach to slots provision, which simultaneously proved to be very popular with operators as well.

“We understand what operators are looking for in their slots and accordingly have developed tools that help them market and promote games to their customers.”, Elmqvist said.

From iSENSE to iSENSE 2.0 And Global Fame

Yggdrasil Gaming is receiving a globally spread praise for the courage they displayed when they decided to create their own platform that would allow smooth integrations and provide the company with ability and flexibility to innovate and improve.

iSENSE 2.0, launched in April 2017, has been the true turning point in the company’s status as Yggdrasil Gaming added a selection of in-game promotional tools such as BOOST and social sharing tool BRAG.

The BOOST facility allows players to go through in-game achievements which bring them closer to a whole new, video game-like playing experience, whereas the BRAG tool opens up a whole new world of possibility with players now able to share their best spins with friends and followers on social media.

“The most recent iteration, iSENSE 2.0+, features a new, minimalistic UI for both mobile and desktop and facilitates in-game deposits, allowing players to go to the deposit screen with a single click without leaving the game client. We will continue to innovate around iSENSE 2.0 as it is central to the Yggdrasil offering.”, he added.