Yggdrasil Gaming Inks a New Deal with Nitro Circus

The leading developer of online and mobile games Yggdrasil Gaming has announced the signing of a new partnership deal with Nitro Circus.

Nitro Circus is an “action sports collective” led by Travis Pastrana, the famous American professional motorsports competitor, and stunt performer.

Under the provisions of this global partnership, Yggdrasil Gaming will create a brand-new sports-themed video slot game. But this move is much more important, since the future release will be the developers first branded game ever created, and a fantastic way for operators around the globe to attract new customers.

Looking Forward to a Truly Exciting Game

We can expect a thrilling action-packed title, especially since Nitro Circus is one of the biggest sports entertainment brands not only in the United States but on a global scale as well.

The new slot game will most likely go live later this year, while the launch will happen at the same time as the Nitro Circus’ European You Got This tour, which will visit six countries on the Continent during November and December.

According to available information, the new game will introduce Nitro Circus’ fans to the excitement of the online casino, while casino players will have the chance to enjoy the high-octane action of the arena.

This is a very interesting partnership since it will bring together two young and innovative brands that have quickly managed to establish themselves in their respective markets, both with a reputation of taking things to a completely new level.

The Perfect Partner for the Job

Commenting on the new partnership with Nitro Circus, Fredrik Elmqvist, Chief Executive Officer at Yggdrasil Gaming said the company didn’t want to take the leap into the branded games space without the perfect partner and added Nitro Circus was just that.

He stated Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus had a reputation for revolutionizing their field and stressed it was enough to attend a show or watch their original content to see they were unparalleled in their excellence.

Elmqvist pointed out the company was excited to partner with Nitro Circus and take the world by storm with this ground-breaking new release, scheduled to hit the market later this year.

Andy Edwards, Nitro Circus’ president expressed his satisfaction with the new deal, stating Nitro Circus was proud to be partnering with Yggdrasil Gaming. Describing the developer as the leading creative force in its field, Edwards said was looking forward to seeing the first-ever Nitro Circus slot game.

Edwards stated Nitro Circus was working closely with the Yggdrasil team and added the upcoming game would deliver all the excitement that fans around the world had come to expect from Nitro Circus.

Bearing in mind the quality of Yggdrasil Gaming releases, there’s no doubt the Nitro Circus-branded slot game – whose introductory trailer has already been launched – will offer plenty of excitement, action, and a unique gaming experience. We’re pretty sure there will be a place for Travis Pastrana on the reels as well.

Although Yggdrasil Gaming launched its first game in 2013, the company has quickly emerged as one of the industry’s biggest names.