Yggdrasil Debuts Jungle Books Video Slot

Publish: 25.12.2017

Yggdrasil Gaming proudly announced the launch of its biggest and most ambitious release so far, titled Jungle Books.

The game, based on the Rudyard Kipling timeless classic, was first announced back in February at ICE in Londo. Along with the debut of the new video slot, Yggdrasil announced a €50,000 network tournament campaign, as well as the new, revolutionary game mechanic.

Groundbreaking Game Mechanic

We are, of course, speaking about the Fusion Realms mechanic, which combines different reels structures and game features into one, offering a unique and seamless playing experience.

Inside the game itself, this will allow each character to have an individual realm, features and reel sets, but will also enable other characters to appear in each other realms, with extremely rewarding triple feature combinations.

The Jungle Books has three different reel sets, five characters, ten features and up to 45 possible combinations, which promises plenty of action and excitement.

As mentioned, the game was launched along a €50,000 tournament campaign, starting on September 22 and ending on October 1. The campaign will be free for all operators with the game on offer.

The tournament winner will have the opportunity to visit Pench and Kanha national parks in India, where the original Kipling’s story takes place.

Top Edge Technology

The game is based on the company’s in-house developed iSENSE 2.0+ framework, offering a high level of optimization and the latest technology.

Yggdrasil will also use its BOOST promotional tools, designed to give operators the power to offer several customer engaging tools, including in-game mission, leaderboards and other means of enhancing the overall playing experience.

The players will be able to use Yggdrasil’s BRAG tool, which allows customers to share their winning spins on social media, or simply replay them whenever they want.

Jonas Strandman, the Head of Slots at Yggdrasil Gaming said Jungle Books was the company’s biggest production ever, while the use of the brand-new Fusion Realms mechanism promised to push the boundaries of slot technology.