Woodbine Residents Skeptical Over Casino Plans

Publish: 30.08.2017

With Great Canadian Gaming and Brookfield partnership selected as future operators of the gaming facilities in the Great Toronto Area which includes the Woodbine casino, there has been plenty of talk around the Rexdale.

Solution to Unemployment?

A northern Etobicoke area has been enduring unfavourably high rates of unemployment for quite some time now and the newly proposed casino plan regarding the Woodbine’s ambitious gambling plan was said to ring a positive set of changes in the area which has been estimated with a loss of over 20,000 jobs between 2001 and 2011.

However, not everyone is content and convinced by the announced operations which intend to make Woodbine one of the most desirable casino locations in Canada.

OLG’s decision to let private companies take running over Woodbine casino has raised plenty of concerns with the workers’ Union at the Woodbine Slots which believes the new deal will not benefit the taxpayers.

On the other side, councillors and city representatives moved on to ensure residents that the new project will open plenty of employment opportunities but, once again, not everyone is convinced.

Concerns Linger

Riding on a promise of 2,500 new jobs, local residents joined in a MYRex campaign aimed towards getting city and casino developers to commit to providing specific benefits to the community.

The city approved Woodbine’s gaming expansion upon 21 conditions, but MYRex members fear there will be loopholes in those conditions. The campaign seeks to make sure this new casino venture will provide attractive and well-paid job offers.

The quality of the possible job offers the casino will provide has also been questioned.

To the same note, OLG states Great Canadian Gaming and Brookfield have been selected based on its proposed economic development, whereas the OLG spokesperson Tony Bitonti is convincing the residents that the new project will provide ‘solid employment’.