Wisconsin Makes Another Attempt at Legalizing DFS

Publish: 01.01.2018

According to media reports, the state congress will once again debate on legalizing daily fantasy sports (DFS) in Wisconsin.

The debate, led by the State Representative Tyler Vorpagel, will be focused on answering the question whether DFS needs to treated as a game of chance or a game of skill.

Vorpagel Not Giving Up

This is Vorpagel’s second attempt to pass a bill on the legalization and regulation of DFS in Wisconsin.

Vorpagel is an ardent DFS supporter, and has claimed on several occasions that this subset of fantasy sport games can’t be regarded as a game of chance. He argued that DFS required a certain level of sports knowledge, and that fortune wasn’t a dominant factor.

He said he wanted to make sure that people’s ability to keep doing something they enjoyed doing was still available.

DFS is not currently legal in Wisconsin, but is also not illegal either. This allows the players from this state to access DFS websites without any restrictions, since DFS is not even addressed in the law..

Vorpagel believes the state should legalize, and thus regulate, DFS, since the current situation doesn’t offer any sort of consumer protection for players from Wisconsin.

Concern For the Youth

On the other hand, the executive director of Citizens Against Expanded Gambling, Lorri Pickens, was concerned over the influence of DFS on teenagers, since as she claims, the game targets younger demographics.

Pickens said the youth was inclined to do things online, and that gambling industry was well aware of it.

If Vorpagel’s bill manages to get adopted, all interested operators would be required to register with the Department of Financial Institutions, and apply the same rules that were in effect in brick and mortar casinos. This includes prohibiting their employees from participating in the games.