Winnipeg Casinos’ Easter Working Hours Split Public Opinion

Publish: 14.04.2017

Club Regent and McPhillips Station – the two casinos of Winnipeg – will remain open for Good Friday and Easter Sunday for the first time ever in the new working-hours scheme designed to bring more options for entertainment to province’s residents.

Open on Easter

The two casinos’ management has made the change to working hours in accordance to casino’s decision to stay open for 24 hours on weekends after a successful pilot program, which was deemed a complete success.

“Since introducing the extended hours on weekends, we continue to see increased traffic in both casinos. The extended hours decision was made in response to our customers and has proven to be very successful,” Director of corporate affairs for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Andrea Kowal said.

Casinos open at 10 a.m. and will remain fully operational until Monday at 3 a.m. but such a decision has caused quite a stir in the province as not everyone agrees with such a business decision.

The Archbishop of Winnipeg, Richard Gagnon, has been the one to spread a public thought claiming that new working hours are just increasing the sense of having every day the same.

Archbishop Gagnon feels new decision is aimed towards putting profits ahead of people.

“Obviously, it’s for an increase of profits and the losers are probably the people who work in the casinos. Because a good number of those people probably have family interests and a few times throughout the year, like Christmas and Easter, these are the few time that families get together.”, he said.

Mixed Reactions

The residents of Winnipeg also had a mixed reaction to the two casinos’ new working scheme with some claiming that change will negatively affect people with addiction and be a burden on casino staff, whereas others feel new hours put casinos is unfair advantage over other businesses which will remain closed during holidays.

Some people felt the new hours will not be of great affect and that it would good for people who want to go out to have some more options ahead of them.