Winnipeg Casinos’ Easter Schedule Results in Business Increase

Publish: 09.05.2017

Two of Winnipeg’s largest casinos raised more than a couple of eyebrows when it became officially known that – thanks to a successful pilot program from November 2016 – they would remain open throughout Good Friday and entire Easter weekend for the first time ever.

Rising Trend

The locals had split views on the new working hours Club Regent and McPhillips Station implemented, but over the past couple of years many businesses decided to change their holiday working hours in order to offer customers as many options as possible and the two casinos decided to follow the trend, which was particularly visible in the entertainment business.

Never intending to disrupt their relationship with customers, Winnipeg’s casinos implemented the new working time schedule based on player feedback. The Easter schedule saw two casinos’ open at 10am on Good Friday and remain operational until 3am on Monday 17 may, the day after Easter Sunday.

Ultimately, the executed plan brought nothing but results for the two state-run casinos.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported this week that Andrea Kowal, the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Director of Corporate Affairs, confirmed that extended hours brought in a noticeable increase in traffic.

Increase in Traffic

What is more, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries spokeswoman, Karen Hiebert, notes that the two casinos had as many as 200 or 300 players at their floors around 3am, which is a clear indicator of an increase in numbers thanks to the flexible new working hours.

Hiebert added that number of active players on such a big holiday as Easter indicated a dramatic change, with fewer Canadians now paying homage to religious holidays than generations preceding them.

Casinos made sure to offer fair compensations for their staff who accepted to work over the holiday, offering one and a half wages which ended up being enough of an incentive.