William Hill Reports Impressive Online Results

Publish: 02.12.2017

William Hill has released the latest figures, revealing an impressive growth in revenue over the period of 17 weeks ending on October 24.

British casino and sportsbetting supplier has cited its online gambling products and services as the main driving force behind such strong performances.

Revenues Going Up

During the aforementioned period, William Hill saw revenue go up by 4% when compared to the results from the same period of last year. Online revenue jumped by 6%, while the company’s retail sales recorded an increase of 3%.

The numbers show William Hill managed to achieve positive results within its U.S. divisions, with revenue increasing by a staggering 28%. On the other hand, Australia didn’t show the same level of performance, recording a decrease of 2% during the said period.

William Hill players wagered 13% more money online, especially those based in the United States, who spent 33% more. The company’s retail and Australian divisions saw year-on-year drops of 1% and 5% respectively.

Since the beginning of the year, William Hill revenues went up by 3%, with online vertical recording a jump of 5% and taking home 12% more money in wagers.

In Line With Market Expectations

Retail income and wagered money have more or less remained similar during the year. William Hill also recorded a year-on-year growth in revenue in both Australia and the United States, by 11% and 31% respectively.

According to William Hill, these results were in line with the market expectations, and that the projected $52.9 million could be easily achieved by the end of the year.

Philip Bowcock, William Hill Chief Executive Officer said the company had delivered good operational and financial results in the second half of the year so far and added the company’s online business had performed particularly well. He stated the firm was ready to take advantage of the expected wider legalization of sports betting in the United States.