West Virginia Introduces Online Gaming Bill

Publish: 21.03.2017

West Virginia has become the latest US state to consider legalizing online gambling.

West Virginia Joins the Pack

The calculations say that West Virginia has become the seventh state in total to introduce a bill in effort to legalize and regulate the online gambling scene this year.

After California, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania – where efforts face strong opposition – and Michigan where a biggest number of bills has been introduced, West Virginia attempts to push through its first-ever online gaming bill.

The newly-proposed legislature has come as a surprise, but only to an inexperienced eye, as experts in the area have already seen West Virginia as one of ‘dark horses’ to pass a gambling bill this year.

The total of five delegates lead by Shawn Fluharty sponsored the bill, whose purpose is to ‘authorize Internet gaming manager and licensed through existing authorized gaming facilities in West Virginia’.

Online gambling activities in the state would come under the umbrella of the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

About the Bill HB 3067

Under the bill’s propositions, licensed gaming facilities in the state with a tax rate of 14% of gross gaming revenue and race tracks are all available to apply for an online gambling license for a fee in excess of $50,000.

The Bill – HB 3067 – stipulates certain regulations tor land-based operators who would choose to venture into the online sphere.

  • Participants must be at least 21
  • Participants need to be in the state or permissible jurisdiction
  • Gaming protocols must be in place to minimize problem gambling
  • Games must be kept fair and honest

The introduced bill allows gaming between states which are authorized for online gaming, whereas it prohibits strong offenses for unlawful gaming which can go from $75 to $150,00 in fines and a year to three years in prison.