Washington State Senate Holds Internet Gaming Hearing

Publish: 19.01.2017

An important moment for players from the state of Washington as the Executive Director of Poker Players Alliance (PPA), John Pappas, prepares to present his case in favour of internet poker and online gaming in front of the Washington State Senate.

The Committee on Commerce, Labor & Sports will receive strong arguments in order to be pushed towards approving a licence and regulating the online gaming market.

Pappas’ testimony is based on a single – yet powerful – claim which argues that thousands of people from the state of Washington are already playing poker at foreign, offshore web sites. Thus, they are not guaranteed any local overseeing, support and ultimately protection, which in his opinion are the main reasons why internet gambling universe needs to be regulated as soon as possible.

The Committee will be reminded of the Curacao case from 2015 when a site hosting plenty of Washington-based players suddenly crashed down costing players millions in deposits.

The affected Washingtonians were unable to withdraw their investments or hold any of the Curacao Lock Poker sites accountable in order to protect themselves from the crash.

Online poker and internet gambling is considered a felony in Washington State as of 2006 when such a legislation was passed and subsequently fully enacted in 2010.

Previous efforts to legalize and regulate poker and daily fantasy sports for that matter have so far been unsuccessful.

Pappas claims that internet gambling market in regular circumstances could go on to generate $100 million in revenue per annum, whereas the market is estimated to have the ability to potentially grow to another $50 million.

“Serious consideration should be given to Internet gaming as a new revenue stream, rather than tax increases in other areas. It is a common-sense decision, rooted in sound public policy,” he said.