Want to Avoid a Scratch Card Prank? Play Online!

Publish: 10.04.2017

A word of wisdom to start your week with – choose your friends carefully.

People can be quite mean, even those you call your friends, just as a young man from Scotland has learned. The hard lesson involved a couple of colleagues from work, an unsuspecting man and a fake scratch card.

He’s Been Pranked

Little did a high-visibility vest wearing worker know when his coworkers gave him a scratch card he – well – scratched on top of a bin as reported by Daily Mirror, who have even provided a video footage of this unfortunate affair.

An unsuspecting worker was exhilarated to see an elusive crown symbol on the ticket as he knew such a symbol would guarantee him a whopping $250,000 prize. He was initially in utter disbelief as he found what he thought was the prize.

The man who is called Jimsy by his coworkers was in shock as he then walked to his colleagues to show them the winning ticket.

“I’ve just won two hundred and fifty grand, mate. No word of a lie, that’s a winner. There’s a crown there.” He was saying.

He refused to hand the ticket over to his friends who wanted to have a closer look, so you can guess his surprise when he was told that his winning card was actually a fake. As colleagues broke the bad news to him Jimsy was feeling gutted and all he was able to say was “That’s ba man”.

Scratch Cards Online

Such a terrible prank could have never happened to Jimsy if he had been playing an online scratch card.

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