Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart Lock Horns in PokerStars Battle of Wits

Publish: 10.07.2017

A global leader in online poker industry and arguably the biggest name in the business, PokerStars, is wasting no time into putting the image of its two new ambassadors to good use.

Battle of Wits

It’s been no more than four weeks since PokerStars announced their sponsorship deal with the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt.

The Jamaican sprinter has thus become the latest in line of world stars to join the PokerStars team, which was earlier joined by Hollywood A-lister Kevin Hart.

This unusual combination of characters is expected to be a great hit among the poker-loving community, which will soon be presented with an opportunity to see both Bolt and Hart in action.

PokerStars has announced that famous racer and comedian will go head to head in a Battle of Wits across social media channels before the duel culminates during the PokerStars Championship Bahamas in January.


PokerStars’ unique competition will be trending under the hashtag #GameOn and it is up to the fans to decide the winner as PokerStars announced that the scoring for each battle in the challenge will be performed through channels’ metrics.

Pokerstars marketing director, Vadim Soloveychik, has described the battle as funny vs fast as Bolt and Hart prepare to use their opposing characters and personas to try and chat with the fans.

Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart share a bit of a history. This duo met in 2013 during the NBA All-Star Celebrity match when Hart challenged Bolt to race him with the basket from one end of the court to another and back.

Hart claimed the bragging right after he actually rose to the occasion to beat the fastest man alive and we expect to see their rivalry get on a different level with PokerStars #GameOn clash.