US Supreme Court Delay a New Hope for New Jersey Sports Betting

Publish: 20.01.2017

New Jersey continues their battle for legalizing sports betting, that is, lifting the ban imposed by Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). US Supreme Court has delayed their decision on New Jersey’s appeal this Tuesday which gives hope that the situation might resolve positively for New Jersey. Supreme Court will wait until Solicitor General files a brief on the situation, however this may take some time.

New Jersey has been fighting this battle for a while now. They are challenging the PASPA as unconstitutional due to the fact that there are four states exempt from this Act, primarily Nevada. Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was brought in 1992 banning any kind of betting or gambling on sports played by professionals or amateurs. Four states were exempt from this law: Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. At that time the state gave New Jersey one year to decide whether or not they will join the four states and use this opportunity which they denied and now bitterly regret the decision.

In 2014 Governor Chris Christie proposed a bill to repeal the federal ban on sports betting at casinos and racetracks, but this did not meet the approval of a federal judge in New Jersey. This time the state takes it to the highest instance in hope that this time they would witness a positive outcome.

The US Supreme Court has requested Solicitor General to analyze the situation and give his view on it, before making the decision. Currently there is an acting Solicitor, while the new one will be named by President-elect Donald J. Trump after his inauguration. There are many speculations about what attitude Trump will take on sports betting and other gambling activities such as online gambling, casino games etc. being that he was in casino business for a long time. That certainly gives some hope.