US Attorney General to Introduce Online Gaming Ban

Publish: 18.04.2017

According to different reports in the United States media, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions is planning to introduce – actually to reintroduce – a federal ban which would push breaks on all state-regulated online gambling country-wide.

Federal Online Gaming Ban

Jeff Sessions is reportedly prepared to go against the public perception and consider banning the online gaming. What is more, he is thought to be willing to defy stiff opposition from the national Governors Association as well in order to push through with his plan.

A ban to the state-regulate online gaming market could put thousands of jobs in danger, affect the creation of new job openings and be of a significantly negative tax income in states which have thus far regulated the online gambling landscape.

Wire Act Restored?

New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada has thus far introduced regulations to their online gaming universe, whereas a number of other states are considering making similar moves or are already halfway through in the legalisation process.

Simultaneously with the states’ efforts to put online gaming laws into action, a number of lobby groups continue to campaign against online gambling and have even backed the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, which would effectively outlaw any form of online gaming within the United States.

Should Attorney General moves forward with his plan and manages to see it through, a federal ban could push players towards unregulated offshore sites, which would only put their safety at risk and be a major blow to the influx of tax revenue for the states.

Federal ban as such would be considered a massive victory for the illegal industry.