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University of British Columbia Study Claims Slots Put Gamblers in Trance

Publish: 21.02.2017

Have you ever thought about what is it with slot games that gets you so drawn into their magical world?

According to a new study performed at the University of British Columbia, it has a lot to do with the fact gamblers seems to be entering a trancelike state which takes them far away from the real world.

Slot Machine Zone

Researchers from the University of British Columbia claim that slot games allow gambling addicts to escape reality by heading into a ‘Slot machine Zone’ which takes all of the negative emotions and stress away to introduce them to a care-free world.

“When (problem gamblers) describe it, it’s like they forget everything else that’s going on”, the research lead author Spencer Murch has revealed.

The main difference between the new-generation slot games and old-fashioned single-outcome machines is that the modern technology has allowed gamblers an extensively immersive experience which allows them to bet on a variety of outcomes whereas they also get enticed to indulge in bonus features such as free spins, cash prizes, bonus rounds which are all labelled as ‘overlapping reinforcement schedules’ by the University of British Columbia researchers.

Animal Learning Devices

Spencer Murch has even gone to describe the modern slot machines as “some of the most sophisticated animal learning devices ever devised” which allow players to distance themselves from the real world with the continuous pace of play.

The study which appears in journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviours is calling for slot games to be redesigned in order to get more involved in promotion of the responsible gambling, arguing that problem gambling messages should appear on screen during games themselves instead of placards or pamphlets.