Toronto Police Seek Lottery Fraud Couple

Publish: 20.04.2017

A man and a woman accused of devising an elaborate plan to defraud a 54-year-old man of his money in a $2 million lottery scam are being searched by Toronto police, it has been announced.

Elaborate Scheme

The man in question was shopping near Markham Road on 29 September 2016 when he noticed a woman crying and asking for help.

As he approached the woman, she informed him about a reported lottery win in excess of $2 million and complained that she could not claim the jackpot as she was an illegal immigrant.

At that moment another man approached, pretending to know the woman, and offered his assistance.

The woman then allegedly showed the two men a fake lottery ticket and claimed she would split the prize with them if they help her. The two of them were also given the fake ticket and went over to a lottery kiosk to print the winning numbers which matched the numbers on the fake lottery ticket.

The woman then asked for $10,000 up front and the men went to a bank where the victim collected the money and handed it over to the woman.

The second man then said he was going to photocopy the winning ticket but just left, whereas the woman pretended to have an upset stomach and asked the fraud victim to buy medication for her.

When the poor man returned, the woman was gone.

Toronto Police Service have released security camera images of the fraudsters and asked anyone with any information to come forward and report them.

Fake lottery tickets are becoming a common theme among the fraudsters and people are advised to be rather careful in order to avoid being scammed.