Tolkien Estate End Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings Slot Dispute

Publish: 10.07.2017

The estate of the famed British author JRR Tolkien has ended its long-standing court feud with entertainment giant Warner Bros. over the use of the Lord of the Rings brand in gambling games.

Tolkien’s Feud

The estate of the legendary fantasy writer filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. over the unauthorized licensing of its intellectual property for gambling purposes.

Warner Bros. had licensed the products to online casino software developers Microgaming which then created a slot title based on the first volume of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2012 with the Tolkien estate claiming that Warner Bros. broke the agreement that approved the sale of ‘tangible’ merchandise and not the ‘morally-questionable world of online and casino gambling’.

Microgaming was quick to pull the stops on the slot in question and remove it from the market, whereas Warner Bros. and their New Line Cinema production subsidiary made a counter-lawsuit arguing that it was the Tolkien estate that breached the terms of the contract and cost the studio unspoken amount of money.

All’s Well that Ends well

The suit and legal dispute between Tolkien estate and Warned Bros. were resolved via an out of court settlement.

The terms of an agreement were not disclosed, but the two parties were told they have ‘amicably’ come to an understanding that saw them drop all suits and counter-suits.

The off-court settlements will not allow the two parties to recover any fees or costs whereas it also states the two parties are looking forward to working together again in the future.

The Tolkien Trust is believed to have already spent $80 million on the lawsuit.

It is unknown, however, if the Microgaming’s slot will be once again released on the gambling market or whether the Tolkien estate will allow the slot production on not.