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Tignish Comes Together in Poker Run to Raise Money for Charity

Publish: 20.02.2017

The Prince Edward Island municipality of Tignish has hit the headlines again with heart-warming sharing spirit which is hardly a new thing for this caring community.

Sharing is Caring

The long-standing tradition nurtured by the people of a place located approximately 50 miles north-west of Summerside, is once again in the center of the attention as people rally around Ruby and Don Gaudet, who lost their sun – Donaldo Gadet Jr. – to a blood disease and kidney complications nearly three decades ago.

Ruby and Don started a snowmobile and ATV event in Tignish 25 years ago, which became an annual event. This year’s race will see all proceeds be given to the Kidney Foundation of Canada as always, as the family is keen to help others with kidney failure.

And, just like every year, a three-hour poker run is held with prizes for winners who emerge with the best of five drawn cards. People pay to register for the run, but often do not even participate as they claim their poker hand and return for dinner once the poker run is over with.

Poker Run

The run itself is however is rather exciting and rewarding as the three top hands receive actual prizes. The first prize is being donated by the Kidney Foundation, whereas the rest of the prize pool is donated by local businesses and individuals.

The Gaudet family find it hard to keep track of the money their action raises every year as the financial aspect of the event is not what they are after.

“We don’t have a goal, because we go by the weather.”, Ruby Gaudet says, explaining their son’s image is still in everyone’s mind – volunteers and participants in the poker run included.

“There’s not too many times we don’t think of him for sure”, she adds.

According to reports, their unselfish act of community spirit and sharing has so far raised somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 for the foundation.