Ticket Glitch Postpones NL Lottery Draw as Duplicates Surface

Publish: 31.07.2017

Wednesday was going to be a big night for the Goulds neighborhood in St. John’s, N.L. with a Chase the Ace draw scheduled to take place.

As players lined up at St. Kevin’s Parish for an expected jackpot in excess of $1million, they were left heartbroken to find out the draw had to be postponed due to a ticket malfunction involving duplicates surfacing up.

Chase the Ace Ticket Glitch

The province’s lottery regulator, Service NL, claimed an investigation had been launched ‘to ensure the integrity of the draw’ after evidence of ‘additional duplicate tickets’ was brought to the regulator’s attention.

The draw organizers and printing company that produced the tickets are working hand in hand with the province’s gaming authority to verify that all conditions of the lottery license have been met.

The minister responsible for the department that oversees lotteries in the province, Perry Timper, explained to the local press that Service NL learned about some ‘duplicate tickets’ in the hands of some ticket holders at 4:30 PM local time, adding that sales continued afterward.

“That caused us concern because it runs counter to the terms and conditions at which the lottery is to be run, there is to be no duplicate tickets,” Trimper said.

Regularity Compromised

And just as the Service was getting ready to issue an official announcement, more duplicates surfaced, casting a fresh shadow on the regularity of the draw. Following the incident, organizers agreed that postponing the draw was the right thing to do.

Chase the Ace is a type of a 50-50 draw in which the players buy numbered tickets for around $5 each. The winners get a percentage of the total ticket sales and the bigger jackpot if they manage to pull the ace of spades from a deck of cards that gets smaller after each draw.

Service NL and the parish organizers did not expect the draw to generate that big of a hype though they explained Chase the Ace is a ‘very important’ event for the community and an ‘amazingly successful’ fundraiser.