Three new Mega Millionaires come from Canada 

Canadian casino players have enjoyed an unbelievable time of things on the ever-popular Mega Moolah slot, ‘the millionaire maker’ which can be played at the likes of Mr.Play, Casumo and LeoVegas online casinos.

Remarkably the world’s best known online slot has made three individuals multi-millionaires since August 10th but all the more amazing is the fact all three players have come from Canada!

The Luck of the Canadians

The progressive jackpot online slot prize has dropped nine times in 2019 to-date, starting on January 20th when a CAD$20,059,287.27 prize landed on one of our own.

Since then the jackpot has gone to Canada another five times including the last three winners. The latest winner collected CAD $4,443,185.39 on September 30th with another Canadian individual winning CAD $4,746,748.54 at the start of September and the third netting CAD $5,954,437.97 in August.

So, the big question:  Are Canadians the luckiest Mega Moolah slot players in the world? Probably, possibly! Most people would recognise Canadians are playing more games on Mega Moolah slot that any others but how is this possible? 

Canada’s population, at 37 million is dwarfed by the UK’s 67 million, the Eurozone/EU countries, 510 million and the U.S. 327 million.

Three New Mega Millionaires Come From Canada

A Good Thing …to Chase Mega Jackpots 

Well it certainly seems Canadians know a good thing when they see one and appreciate the importance of chasing a jackpot prize as opposed to small wins which keep players afloat but never see them prosper.

It is not just the Mega jackpot which lands on Canadians with remarkable frequency, the country is also responsible for more Mini, Minor and Major Mega Moolah jackpots than any other.

It is possible some of the major Mega winners are not Canadian but simply using Canadian dollars and a Canadian bank account to play from. But this is unlikely and the small number of Mega winners who have gone public and claimed their prize in Canadian Dollars did reside in the country.

How British Soldier Won £13.2m in 25 Minutes!

Check out this interesting story about how a British soldier who landed a whopping £13.2 million Pounds (about CAD $22.5 Million) from just a £0.25p bet on Mega Moolah. Jon Heywood sorted out his best friend by giving him a whopping £4m of it since they had made a pact from their schooldays. Definitely a man of his word!

Bit Coin Players 

Another contributing factor to Canadians playing Mega Moolah so much is its love of Bitcoin. Canada maintains a Bitcoin-friendly stance while also ensuring the cryptocurrency is not used for money laundering. Bitcoin is viewed as a commodity by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and this means that Bitcoin transactions are viewed barter transactions and the income generated is considered as business income.

Consequently the Mega Moolah slot can now be played at Bitcoin casinos and with Canadian’s being one of the most active Bitcoin users on the planet, we have some reasoning for more Canadians, on a ratio, playing this exciting game.

Anyway, Canada’s 18 Mega Moolah jackpot wins now amount to a combined CA$118,175,573.82, that’s the most winnings of any nation, and the next pot is already building and exceeds CA$ million at press time.