Take Your Place in Omni Casino’s Hot Seat

For all of our dear Canadians who are looking for a full-package casino service there is one place which encompasses it all.

If you are looking for a place which boasts great history and experience, along with reliability and 24/7 customer service – Omni Casino is a logical choice. What makes this casino stand out even more is a wide range of popular games and a great selection of different offers players can benefit from.

Picking one of those is not an easy task but the Omni Casino visitors are there to make this job easier as they constantly keep returning for guaranteed wins at Omni Casino’s Hot Seat.

Hot Seat

It is remarkable to know that Omni Casino players have been choosing the Hot Seat deal as the most popular one every month since 2011 and that is still goes strong within their gaming community.

There is up to $500 to be won throughout the month and all you have to do is to warm up your seats by playing at any of your favourite games in order to collect points and get in line for burning prizes.

There is a required minimum of course as players need to play at least 5 of 31 gaming days during a month to win a prize. Each time you make at least $1,250 in total wagers you will earn one ‘Hot Seat Point’ that will ultimately win you different prizes.

Six-Way Winning Deal

Omni Casino has constructed a prize chart consisting of six different sections, starting from the ‘Chilly’ one which will reward you with $15 for 5-6 played days. Warming, Warmer and Toasty are next, accounting for $40, $105 and $215 for up to 22 days played.

Hot section in worth $330 for 23 to 27 days played, while the Jackpot Hot is accounting for an entire month and rewards you with top $500 prize.

The Hot Seat deal can be claimed at all casino games except for Video Poker which does not count in the deal.