Surprise, Surprise: $55M Lotto Max Winners Thought They Won $55

Publish: 25.04.2017

The $55 million Lotto Max Jackpot winner from Quebec we already wrote about here is actually a lucky couple from Montreal, who have a rather interesting story behind their life-changing story.

Surprising Win

Nathalie Langlais and Gilles Rosnen came to Loto-Quebec headquarters to claim their winnings just three days after the Lotto Max draw and revealed they found out about the major windfall after Nathalie checked her electronic device on Saturday morning.

Langlais explains she usually checks her tickets only months after the actual draw, but this time she checked right after it as if she knew that something was going to happen.

“I didn’t understand what was going on because the lovely music was playing that we all like,” Nathalie Langlais told a news conference.

In an interesting twist to the plot, Nathalie initially thought she won mere $55 so imagine her surprise when six more digits appeared on the screen.

“I’d heard that lovely music before for amounts like $17 or $22. Then I saw $55 come up on the screen. I thought, well that’s not too bad. Then I saw three zeros. $55,000. I thought, that’s excellent, but then I realized $55,000 doesn’t exist in the Lotto Max. Then I saw three more zeros.”, she added.

Travel Plans

Nathalie quickly went upstairs to see Gilles Rosnen telling him she was ‘flipping out’.

The pair then decided to hide the ticket in their daughter’s toy box for the weekend before they went to cash it in.

Nathalie works in communications and says she doesn’t want to quit her job just yet. As for the plans on how to spend the money, Nathalie will help out her extended family and do some traveling.

The couple from Montreal has been buying lottery tickets at the same convenience store for several years.