Sun Bingo Aims Two Guinness World Records

Publish: 31.05.2017

The forthcoming weekend bring an unusual moment in bingo industry.

An online bingo operator based and licensed in Alderney, Sun Bingo, targets two Guinness World Records in Blackpool on Sunday, 3 June, with 75 oversized bingo balls around 70cm in size and 4×4 meter bingo card.

“Sun Bingo is known for having the biggest balls in the industry so it makes sense that we set the record straight.”, Sun Betting & Gaming Director, Tom Ustunel, descriptively explained.

Guinness World Records

The record-chasing event will be hosted by Sun Bingo ambassadors Rustie Lee and Chico, who will be joined by up to 400 Sun Bingo players from all over the country.

Sun Bingo players will attempt to crush the record on the size of bingo balls on the sea front, whereas the second record related to the size of a bingo card will occur in Blackpool Tower. The entire event will be completed by two standard 75/ball bingo draw with prizes going up to £30,000.

“Bingo is all about bringing people together to enjoy some fun and be sociable, so it’s great that we can celebrate this day with a host of our most valued customers.”, Ustunel said.

Online Bingo

And as our oversea friends attempt to break the Guinness World Records and have fun along with it, the Canadian bingo lovers – especially those with a particular knack for online bingo – can enjoy their fair share of a bingo game.

Here they will be given an opportunity to enjoy in this super fun lotto-style game in a safe and secure environment.

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