Summer 2019 Gaming & Casino News around Canada

Since the dawn of time we humans have been betting and as hard as it is to believe, that will forever continue. Whether it is an NHL game, or the result of two flies crawling up a wall, man will bet…

If we can legalise weed, we can fully embrace online gambling…

With North America looking to adopt and embrace online sportsbook betting brands in the years to come, Canada would do well to follow suit. Hell, if we can legalise weed, we can definitely fully embrace the prospect of regulating a fair and open-for-business sportsbook and casino gaming market for all the big brands. This will of course contribute hundreds of millions of dollars back into the Canadian economy.

With 90% of the Canadian public living within 100 miles of a Canadian border, it has never been more important for Canada to remain progressive across all aspects of society, the same is true with the conversations around betting and gaming online.

Gateway Casino & Entertainment NFL paves way for big online Casino partnerships

Gateway Casinos of Canada are well known to be big movers and shakers and their latest deal makes them the Official National Land-Based Casino Partner of the NFL in Canada, with its signature MATCH Eatery & Public House to serve as the exclusive presenting sponsor of the NFL Fantasy App. The new NFL season gets underway next week with the Packers @ Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football.

Gateway Casino & Entertainment NFL paves way for big online Casino partnerships

It turns out that land based Casinos, as well as websites and online casino apps for Canada, are all making enough hay to start striking partnerships with major global brands.

As online betting regulations begin to soften and modernise across North America and Canada, 2020 and beyond will be fascinating not just in terms of the types of sportsbook and Casino offerings we are likely to see unfold, but also the types of major brands, like the NFL, that will be interested.

Lotto Heaven for the Lucky Lanteri Family

Imagine walking into your local convenience store, purchasing a Lotto Max ticket then winning a monster $65,000,000 jackpot? Amazing! This is what happened to one lucky family in June…

The ticket was taken as an add-on to a “Free Play” Quebec Max lotto ticket and it just happened to land the biggest jackpot of the Summer for Lotto Max.

The Lanteri family will never be the same again for sure and the press release stated that the winners would use the money to take care of their children. Lucky children!

$650,000, or 1% of the jackpot, goes to the winning store where the ticket came from. Needless to say, the owners and staff at Dépanneur Springland store in Montreal had a huge party to celebrate.