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Still Waiting for the Next Lotto MAX Main Prize Winner

Once again, Canada is waiting to meet the latest winner of a hefty Lotto MAX jackpot, and whose life is about to be changed.

Since the Main, Prize hasn’t been won over the last couple of weeks, and the most recent draw held on January 10 provided no winner, its size has now reached a staggering C$70 million.

The jackpot has been steadily growing, and not a single lottery player in Canada managed to match all the numbers to become the newest millionaire. But that can’t go on forever, and eventually, someone’s bound to claim this fantastic sum.

Still Waiting for the Next Lotto MAX Main Prize Winner

Waiting for the New Winner

Lotto MAX is one of the most popular lottery offerings in the country, along with Lotto 6/49, and many people are hoping they’ll be lucky enough to claim a portion of this Main Prize in the coming period. They’re eagerly awaiting the next draw to see whether the C$70 million prize will be claimed.

It should be pointed out that whoever wins this jackpot will go down in history since prize like this one has never been awarded in Canada before. The size of the Main Prize was increased last year in May, giving someone the chance to set a new record

In addition to this fantastic jackpot, other prizes were waiting to be taken. 26 Maxmillion prizes – each worth C$1 million – are more than a nice consolation for those who didn’t make it to the C$70 million jackpot.

The latest draw did create as many as 13 new lotto millionaires. 8 of these C$1 million prizes are going to be divided among them and across entire Canada, as players from Ontario, Atlantic Canada, Quebec, British Columbia and the Prairies are eligible to claim a prize.

The Next Draw is Scheduled to Take Place on January 14

And even though the Main Prize has stayed untouched, it will not be able to grow any further as the cap is set at C$70 million. But, instead of growing in size, it will increase the number of additional prizes, which is great news for players.

The upcoming Lotto MAX draw on Tuesday will bring as many as 25 Maxmillion prizes for all those who fail to win the main one.

Following the January 10 draw, Lotto MAX became a popular topic online as well, as players from all parts of Canada talked about the possibilities that winning a prize worth C$70 million could bring, sharing their dreams and ideas on how to spend that money.

In the meantime, the Ontario provincial monopoly, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that a winning Lotto 6/49 ticket would soon expire. If the lucky player doesn’t claim the prize of C$10,000, the prize will expire.

According to available information, the ticket was purchased in North York, just before the draw took place on January 19, 2019. However, not even 52 weeks, a standard claim period, were enough for the winner to step out and take the prize.