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Sports Betting in D.C. Won't Be Ready for the New Football Season

Publish: 14.08.2019

The capital of the United States, Washington D.C., has forced the introduction of sports betting legislation in order to launch the activity as soon as possible, but it appears that it still won’t be ready to start accepting bets in time for the new NFL season, which is set to begin on September 5 with the game between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field.

Sports Betting in D.C. Won't Be Ready for the New Football Season

At this time, D.C: is still reviewing the rules that will be used to regulate the activity in this market. According to the Washington Post, at this moment it’s still unknown where betting on sports will be allowed, which means the long-awaited launch will have to be postponed by a couple of weeks.

D.C. Won’t Be Ready for the Start of the New Football Season

There’s also the situation regarding the deal with the Greek sports betting company Intralot, which has caused controversy, but that’s a subject for a whole new story.

Commenting on the situation, Beth Bresnahan, the executive director at the D.C. Lottery said she didn’t know how long the current state of affairs would throw off the launch. However, she pointed out it was important to know that the D.C. Lottery wanted to ensure they were responding to comments and concerns.

Because of all these delays, D.C. will not be ready for the launch of sports betting until mid-September. The authorities will have a lot of work, as they’ll need to review all the applications before granting the provisional licences. These initial licenses will be distributed about a month, month and a half later.

According to available information, these licenses will be granted to sportsbooks that have already partnered with an established sports betting name, for example, FanDuel or Draft Kings. On the other hand, those operators without a partner will need to wait for their license from three to six months.

Should Have Looked up to Iowa

Many are surprised that D.C. hasn’t been able to move quicker on the introduction of its sports betting legislation. Washington D.C. didn’t act as quick as some state which rushed to make sports betting legal following the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to lift the ban on this activity, and approved wagering on sports in late December of 2018.

However, 8 months later, the nation’s capital is still trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

Iowa could serve as a model for all those states looking to get their sports betting legislation up and running as soon as possible, as the Hawkeye State succeeded in doing it in a matter of months.

Iowa said yes to sports betting back in May, and within just two months, it had prepared regulations needed to oversee the activity. Less than two weeks ago, these regulations were approved, and several casinos received their applications, meaning they are ready to launch sports betting. According to available information, wagering on sports in Iowa is expected to begin this week, on Thursday, August 15.