South Carolina Won't Legalize Sports Betting... For Now

Publish: 29.01.2018

Although it’s highly unlikely that South Carolina will legalize sports betting, Democratic party lawmakers are hoping this could be achieved in the near future.

Their hopes rely on a recently published report, which revealed South Carolina was seriously considering such a move.

No Legalization In 2017

However, since 2018 is an election year, any potential change will have to wait for a new legislative session. According to state representative Russell Ott, there’s still hope left that a new bill could be discussed in the coming months.

Ott was among those representatives that sponsored the House Bill 3102 last year. The proposed piece of legislation aimed to legalize gambling in South Carolina, including wagering on professional sports, horse racing, games of chance offered via traditional and electronic game tables, real money card and dice games.

Unfortunately, the proposal didn’t get the support of the Governor Henry McMaster, who called it inconsistent and not compatible with the beliefs of the South Carolinians.

18 States Working On Their Betting Bill

Eilers & Krejcik, a private research firm from California has recently published a report which states that 18 states were ready to present new sports betting legislation this year. According to the report, 11 states could see their bills becoming laws, which would mark the beginning of a new era for sports betting in the United States.

The report states that as up to 30 states could adopt new sports betting legislation during 2018, emphasizing the importance of a potential constitutional change, which is required in order for sports betting to be officially legalized.

The reports came at a time when the decision of the Supreme Court on New Jersey’s case is eagerly awaited. Its importance goes far beyond the borders of the Garden State since it could lift the sports betting ban in Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana as well.