SMILE: Emoji-themed Slot is Coming Soon

There is hardly the better-known communication trend – some dare call it a language of its own – than emoji.

As a brand which has flourished and spread throughout the social media channels, emoji is soon to receive its unique and innovative Emoji-inspired slot game, which is definitely going to send huge waves through the industry.

NetEnt breaking barriers

Leaders in the game development industry NetEnt have teamed up with Global Merchandising Services & the emoji company with a deal in place for the Sweden-based studio to produce world’s first emoji game.

The brand-new Emoji-themed slot game will incorporate the universally accepted and used icons and symbols to bring a whole new experience to casino players.

NetEnt have promised innovative features which are sure to make the game attractive and appealing to all players regardless of their age. Having adopted a mobile-first approach, NetEnt have set sights on focusing primarily of mobile users, although this game will be an overall exciting NetEnt experience across all platforms and devices.


And with the highly-anticipated feature movie called The Emoji Movie expected to see the light of the day in the summer, the new emoji slot game simply titled – Emojiplanet – will follow up the fil with its release scheduled for the third quartile 2017.

Licensing manager at Global Merchandising Services Ltd Jens Drinkwater is certain that the Emojiplanet game is going to become a great success within the gaming community.

Chief Producer Officer of NetEnt Simon Hammon adds that Emojis are perfect fit with NetEnt.

“They have become a language in their own right; it is hard to think of a more collectively familiar and loved brand to partner up with”, he said.

Swedish developers NetEnt have established themselves as one of the leading software developers in the gambling world with their high-quality slots and the Emojiplanet game will only help them strengthen their position at the very top of the shelf.