Small Slots Players Can Have Fun & Still Win Big Payouts

In most aspects of life a cheap price-tag usually means a poor quality or sub-standard product…

You recall that brand new XL t-shirt which became XS after it made its first visit to the laundry for example?

Or the insurance policy which had so much small print you ended up having to pay the insurance company when your kitchen caught fire.

Low Price Doesn’t Mean Low Quality in Casinos

Most will tell you the above examples are a common theme in all aspects of consumerism but thankfully it is not. Tight regulations amongst the best online casinos means the lowest staking players, who enjoy playing online slots for as little as 1c a spin, are assured the same quality casino product along with equal rights and equal protection as high-rolling players who could play for $10 a spin.

The reasoning is simple, online gaming sites as subject stringent licensing laws and they do not discriminate between a player at top-end elite casino and the host of minimum deposit online casinos which offer an equal amount of fun and potential to win big.

For example, check out this great story about a new UK player who landed a £13.2 million Mega Moolah jackpot (almost CAN$23 million!) after being a Betway customer for just 25 minutes – and his stake was a mere £0.25p per spin. (which is about CAN$0.44!)

The Luck of the Canadians

And Canadian online casino players have a great habit of winning big too. The country is littered with players who have had wins which have had a positive impact on the future for as little as .1c. 

There is also a fair share of people who have enjoyed a life-changing win playing online progressive slots such as Mega Moolah for single spins at .25c a roll. That very scenario happened in the spring of 2018 when an anonymous player from Quebec landed a $5.7 million jackpot prize.   

But most Canadians don’t play online casino to win a massive prize, that is rightly viewed as an unlikely but tantalising dream. The truth is casino play is an exciting pastime and it should never be done with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Of course online casinos have strict policies in place to assist any player who indicates their gambling is becoming troublesome. But rather than potentially putting yourself in a compromising position why not stick to playing with minimal stakes at online casinos where you can play for a few cents with a minimum deposit of just $10?

There are plenty of minimum deposit online casinos which offer low deposit levels and they also feature attractive sign-up bonuses which trigger free spins and matched deposit bonuses. It’s one sure way of giving yourself hours of entertainment for little money and that sweet dream of landing a colossal jackpot.