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Shorelines Casino Peterborough Edging Closer to Approval

Publish: 20.02.2017

Having gotten the preliminary approval from the city council last week, Shorelines Casino Peterborough is expected to be given an additional nod by the councillors to resolve the appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) in regard to the proposed new casino.

Competition to Downtown Entertainment

Should the settlement over the decision to rezone land on Crawford Dr. in accommodation of the newly proposed casino gets ratified, the privately-held company Great Canadian Gaming Corp. will be given a green light to start building the resort at the parkway, in the south end of Peterborough.

The Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) appealed the city’s earlier decision to rezone the land asking for councillors to push the area to a downtown location. In a 53-page documents, the appeal stated that downtown Peterborough would be damaged by a new casino on the outskirts of the town as it would draw people away from the existing entertainment facilities.

Still, a public vote by the saw councillors rule 9-2 in favour of the rezoning planning ahead of a special meeting that will be held on Tuesday, when the city is expected to ratify the original decision.

A special meeting is expected to be held with a public debate involved when the Peterborough citizens will be able to weigh in before the vote.

Protests Planned

A group of Peterborough residents called No Casino Peterborough Group had also joined DBIA in protest, but was forced to withdraw from the legal battle against the casino due to lack of funds for legal fees. The group already expressed its concerns and is expected to once again stand up against the proposed casino build in a protest.

They already demonstrated in front of City Hall while the councillors were in closed session on the matter earlier this month and they appear to be against the casino regardless of the location.

As they wait for the final decision, those Peterborough residents in favour of casinos and gambling can always check out our list of online casinos they can enjoy in a regulated and safe gaming environment.