A Shooting Star Brings Luck to Hamilton Lottery Winner

Publish: 30.07.2017

Do you believe in luck?

What about destiny?

Thea Faulds from Hamilton, Ontario, definitely is one of the believers who rest their hopes on forces beyond our reach and comprehension.

Thea was relaxing in her backyard on Saturday night when she spotted a shooting star in the sky.

Stars have Aligned

I have everything I want’, she replied to her husband who asked if she had made a wish, but the star just happened to be a great omen in the heavens for this 44/7ear-old Toronto Zombie Walk founder and director of operations at the Centre for Print and Media Arts.

The very next day Thea Faulds was standing in the checkout line at Shoppers Drug Mart on Barton Street when a woman in front of her bought a lottery ticket. Without really knowing why and how she ended up with a lottery ticket herself.

I don’t really buy lottery tickets that often, and I don’t even know why I bought one,” she said.

It turns out that the stars simply had it all aligned for Thea who ended up being a winner of Instant Cash for Life, which awards winners with $1,000 cash every week for the rest of their lives.

$1,000 a week for the rest of her life

The winners have a choice between taking a $675,000 lump sum payout or to get $1,000 for the rest of their days. Faulds opted to go for the latter and is yet to decide what to do with this extra cash she will start getting.

“I’ve been thinking about it — of course I want to travel more. I write a lot of scripts and short stories, and want to write more. I’m hoping this will afford me more time for my own work.”, she said, adding that she intends to share her winnings with her 70-year-old mother.