Senators Request DOJ to Reconsider Legitimacy of Online Gambling

Publish: 03.12.2017

Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas Sands Corp chairman and 84-year-old billionaire has been the most formidable opponent to the online gambling legalization.

Mr. Adelson has personally funded and supported “The Coalition To Stop Internet Gambling”, that has conducted a campaign for the 1961 Wire Act reinstatement.

Sheldon Adelson returns

In the past, the Coalition supporting the prohibition of online gambling has been highly successful. It is claimed that the Chairman who has powerful political bonds has employed his influence to convince legislators from a number of states to counter the push to legalize internet gambling.

The Obama Administration has amended the 1961 Wire Act, providing each state with the control to make a decision whether to prohibit or authorize online gambling. In October this year, Pennsylvania was the fourth state to legalize internet gambling, thus joining Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey.

It is reported that Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have sent an official letter on 21 November to the Trump Administration. The Senators request that the Department of Justice re-establish the 1961 Wire Act, which will divest state government of the power to make online gambling legal.

During the past few years, California has been one of the states to debate the prospects of legalizing internet gambling. According to several market analysts, California may become the fifth state in line to imminently regulate online gambling. That may actually be the main reason why Ms. Feinstein has requested lawmakers from California to keep the ban.

Gambling takes aim at Vulnerable Groups?

The key argument cited in the letter is that internet gambling takes advantage of the society’s weakest and most vulnerable groups. Should the 1961 Wire Act be restored, each state will be deprived of the power to legalize online gambling, thus imposing an absolute ban.

On the other hand, the pro-gambling activists have endeavored for long in order to have online gambling legalized across the US, and they do not feel threatened by the official letter sent to Trump Administration. Their campaign has witnessed more progress in this year than it has during the past few years.