Second Batch of Stolen Cowboys Casino Data Released Online

Publish: 27.06.2017

The nightmare continues for Calgary’s Cowboys Casino.

A year ago, this gambling venue from Canada was victim to a cyber-attack in which hundreds of documents containing personal information of staff and customers, gambling habits and payouts to hundreds of patrons got stolen.


The casino management feared those documents would be published online and their worst nightmare came to life earlier this month when hackers released the sensitive data on Pastebin website used for sharing documents.

Little more than ten days later and another batch of stolen documents is leaked online as hackers kept their promise that they will keep publishing information until the Cowboys Casino have mended their online security.

“Cowboys Casino has still not taken the matter of their customers/employees security seriously, so we are releasing our 2nd data dump to the public”, the note posted to the aforementioned website read.

The second batch of documents included emails, employee payroll, background checks, disciplinary reports and security incidents.

No Further Attacks After 2016

The general manager of Cowboys Casino, Tyrone Waite, reiterates that the casino had no further attacks since the last year’s incident and insists that data security changes have been put in place to improve online safety.

“We have assurance from all our IT people. Our e-mail isn’t even kept here. It’s kept in the cloud through a secure, third-party server.”, Waite said.

Calgary police investigation into the data breach is still open and active, it was confirmed, whereas other Canadian agencies have also been approached to help with the ongoing security case.

“At this point the investigation sort of identifies that it’s not a foreign entity, but that the group resides most likely within Canada,” Wittman said.