Scientific Games Rolls Out The Simpsons Slot

Publish: 02.07.2017

There is hardly a single person in the world that hasn’t watched the Simpsons, one of the most popular shows in television history.

The Simpsons

You might not like the concept or the idea behind it, but you can’t dispute the global reputation and popularity the show gained over the past 27 years. The very fact The Simpsons have been running for full 28 seasons speaks volumes of the show’s magnitude.

There is a piece of great news for the show’s fans coming from the creative kitchen of Scientific Games, one of the world’s leading producers and providers of gaming products and services, who has launched the Simpsons slot machine.

First showcased in the Gamescape cabinet with a 40ins top screen and a 10.4ins touchscreen, the Simpsons slot comes with the innovative symbol cloning feature and character re-spin feature.

Not only that, The Simpsons slot machine comes with no less than six bonus modes all built around popular characters from the show. Cleverly titled, these six bonus rounds are as follows:

  • Donut Wheel Bonus
  • Moe’s Pranks-A-Lot
  • Apu’s Scrat-Cha-Pa-Looza
  • Krusty’s It’s Cobblering Time
  • Wiggum-A-Role
  • Homer’s Monorail Madness

The game’s producers have confirmed The Simpsons slot machine is packed with entertaining and exciting features and bonuses which will allow the players to get fully immersed into the Homer Simpson’s world with huge screens that will entirely wrap you inside this game.

Scientific Games exclusively claim that The Simpsons online slot machine comes with an integrated gesture control element, claimed to be an industry first facility which utilizes motion sensor technology that allows players to interact with the game in a physical manner.

“We could not be more excited to launch The Simpsons, which is based on the hugely popular and iconic television show,” Chief Executive of Gaming for Scientific Games, Derik Mooberry, said.