Scientific Games Extends Oregon Lottery Deal

Publish: 17.09.2017

The largest supplier of instant lottery games on the planet, Scientific Games, renowned for its quality games, top-notch technology and professional services catered to more than 150 lotteries internationally has extended its contract with Oregon Lottery.

Scientific Games Continues with Oregon Lottery

Scientific Games has first signed a deal with Oregon Lottery in 2010 becoming the exclusive supplier of instant products and helping the Lottery achieve its goal of offering ‘a Scratch-it for everyone.

The wide array of instant products supplied by Scientific Games includes some rather popular and well-known names such as Monopoly as a Scratch-it, together with some of the fan favourites like Safecracker Crossword Games or Precious Metal Gold.

Scientific Games has been described as a trusted and valued provider by Oregon Lottery and a continuation of the cooperation is seen as the logical next step.

Socially Responsible Companies

Scientific Games brings innovation and guidance on instant product best practices which ultimately allows the Oregon Lottery to maximize it potentially in job creation and economic development. The Oregon Lottery is a responsible gaming operator which takes pride in its efforts in water and wildlife preservation, parks and recreation, and education.

“We are proud that the work we do with the Oregon Lottery has produced a ripple effect through the state, entertaining players and benefitting the quality of life for residents in every corner of Oregon.”, Senior Vice President at Instant Products for Scientific Games, John Schulz, said.

In addition to instant Scratch-its, Scientific Games boasts an overwhelming portfolio of gaming machines, game content and systems, table games products and utilities, together with the sports betting technology.