Scientific Games Acquires NYX Ordinary Shares

Publish: 30.11.2017

The U.S. gaming giant Scientific Games Corporation has announced the purchase of 11.6 million ordinary shares of NYX Gaming Group, which represents around 10.72% of the shares of the Las Vegas-based company.

Scientific Games completed the transaction through TSX Venture Exchange, paying between C$2.22 and C$2.35 per share, or C$27.1 million in total.

Planning the Future

Up to this point, Scientific Games didn’t own any NYX ordinary share.

This week the two sides entered into the amendment to the agreement reached back in September.

According to the amendment, the two companies from Nevada agreed that if the acquisition of NYX by Scientific Games falls through – or to be more precise, fails to get the approval of NYX shareholders in December voting – Scientific Games will make a takeover offer for the same, previously arranged price.

According to the company, this move represents a confirmation of the commitment to proceed with the acquisition.

More options

Apart from this, NYX also agreed to forgo the current standstill with Scientific Games, stipulated in the agreement between the two sides. By doing so, Scientific Games and its affiliates will be able to buy ordinary, preferred or other shares of NYX Gaming Group and its subsidiaries.

Under the provisions of the new deal, Scientific Games will be able to purchase additional ordinary shares of NYX, as well as to sell them.

Founded 44 years ago, Scientific Games produces electronic gaming machines, table games, online games and online lottery products, instant lottery games, lottery gaming systems, terminals and services, internet applications, server-based interactive gambling terminals, and gambling control systems.

Back in 1974, the company introduced the first secure, instant lottery ticket.

NYX Gaming Group is a digital gaming provider headquartered in Las Vegas, employing more than 1,000 people in over a dozen countries across four continents.