SaskGaming Responsible Gaming Unit Cut to One Person

Publish: 17.03.2017

Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation has downsized the responsible gambling unit from five people to only one person.

Concerning Lay Offs

Christine Telle, minister responsible for SaskGaming has explained that three people working with the responsible gambling unit were laid off, whereas the fourth one was redeployed to other work, leaving the unit with only one person in charge of the whole project.

According to the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gaming – a collaboration of non-profit organizations, gaming providers, research centers and regulators working to find and promote effective eays to reduce the risk of gambling – Saskatchewan has more problem gamblers than any other Canadian province per capita basis.

Therefore, the latest SaskGaming’s move has cause great concern with the members of the opposition New Democratic party (NDP).

The NDP’s Warren McCall is worried that the government’s answers related to the SaskGaming issue don’t add up, claiming that the most recent cuts with the responsible gaming unit are coming just ahead of what, in his view, will be a bad budget in which the government is facing a $1.2 billion deficit.

Financial Issues

In addition to government’s budget problems, the provincial authorities at Saskatchewan are facing dire financial straits and are already working on programs that would help the provincial government generate $10.7 million.

The Saskatchewan government hopes that the announced increase in fees to government programs will help generate up to $8.7 general revenue in the new fiscal year.

The Province is adding a 10% increase on penalty on audit assessments for companies in the oil and gas sectors which are found to owe money, whereas changes to hunting and trapping license fees and skilled immigrant nominee program application fees are also expected to add up to the revenue generation.

The fee changes will take effect on 1 April as the province faces a challenging time ahead.

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