Saskatchewan Tribes Concerned Over Coming Lloydminster Casino

Publish: 20.07.2017

At least two Saskatchewan tribes are reported to have raised concern issues over the proposed $15.5 million casino project Eagle Park West in the city of Lloydminster.

Eagle Park West Issues

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority and the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations last month attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the planned 31,000 square feet casino which is expected to create up to 140 job openings and include around 250 slots, together with up to 8 gaming tables.

The future development could also add a 250-room hotel and a 1,500-seat convention center, restaurant and a convenience store.

The coming Lloydminster casino was not approved by all tribes however as the Thunderchild First Nation came forward to the media to address certain concerns and fairness issues they had over the proposed deal.

The Lloydminster Casino required approval from all ten tribes from the Border Tribal Council, but Delbert Wapass from the Thunderchild First Nation claims every one of the principal partners was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to being informed about the details of the project, including the profit distribution.

Thunderchild First Nation Disappointed

Wapass claims his tribal group was ‘frozen out’ after asking questions regarding the details of the project and that it is no longer treated as an equal partner.

“We have people suffering in our communities. We have been frozen out. It is not a good feeling, to have a federation that you are part of not look after the interests of all rather than the interests of a selected few. Why is it that these guys have such a hard time being fair?”, Wapass told CBC.

Wapass reportedly called on the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations to suspend the construction approvals until all members of the Border Council were taken into consideration.

Another major issue regarding the Eagle Park West Enterprise is transparency of the paperwork and Wapass demands that all problems are solved before the construction goes ahead.