Retired Firefighter from Edmonton Wins Close to $1M STARS Lottery

Publish: 17.04.2017

Life has been hard on Don Cook, a retired firefighter from Edmonton who spent 34 years protecting his community and finished his career as a captain.

Timely STARS Lottery Win

But his luck is about to change as the Edmonton resident saw Lady Luck smile on him for the first time in a while with a STARS Lottery dream home prize worth $973,979.

As a firefighter who got used to all kinds of jokes during his time in service, Don Cook did not believe the win was genuine at first and refused to be convinced by phone. It took about five calls from STARS to convince Don the win was real.

“I get this wonderful call from STARS, which I didn’t believe at first. As a captain and a firefighter, I’m well aware of what they do. They were very patient with me. To receive a gift like this is life-changing”, Cook explained.

Nearly a million worth of prize came in just the perfect time for the Cook family, who were actively seeking for their new home over the past two months. They were living in a leased house which was going up for sale by the owner, but the Cook family are now taking full possession of dream home on June 28.

“I can tell you, I’m still on Cloud 9. It’s hard to believe. It’s truly just a wonderful gift and a life changer.”, he added.

In Loving Memory of Matt Cook

Cook got the initial call on his way to Edmonton’s Cross Cancer Institute where his foundation provides care packages for young adults battling with cancer. Don Cook set up the matt Cook Foundation in memory of their son, whose life was claimed by cancer on Easter Sunday in 2010.

A junior A hockey player was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – a rare bone cancer – back in 2006. Matt had his leg amputates and went on to play for Canada’s national sledge hockey side, before he sadly passed away four years later.

The latest STARS Lottery prize offers at least some consolation to his inconsolable family.