Restructure of Playtech BGT Sports’ Senior Management Team Completed

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) is a technology development company specialized in production of market-leading wagering solutions for the multi-channel betting industry.

Playtech Best Gaming Technology

Playtech acquired Best Gaming Technology (BGT) last July, taking under its wing the total of 600 employees based in offices all over Europe to realise an ambitious vision of creating a fully integrated, top-shelf betting technology solution.

Currently servicing more than 30,000 products live worldwide, PBS operates on a global scale with more than 120 partners in 24 countries.

The company quickly assumed its market-leading position in retail sports betting technology and the new restructure of its senior management teams is bound to help PBS continue to thrive.

New Team Members

Playtech BGT Sports has announced that Dr Sageder, who was appointed last November as PBS Chief Executive, will be joined by John Pettit as the managing Director for the UK, Ireland and Asia.

John Pettit will be covering retail and digital operations in aforementioned territories, whereas Dietmar Wiesinger will operate in similar managing role for the rest of the world.

“John and Dietmar offer a wealth of experience in the industry and we are tapping into this as we continue to invest in our products and remain at the forefront of digitising retail betting.”, Dr Armin Sageder commented.

Playtech BGT Sport CEO believes that company’s expertise in retail betting operations – alongside Playtech’s extensive knowledge and experience – will bring forward the ultimate platform to create innovative, premium products for PBS’s clients and their customers as end users.

Playtech BGT Sport has extended a deal with BoyleSports earlier in March to continue providing the company with Self Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs) in UK. The total number of 600 terminals has been exceeded this month.