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Quebec Lotto Millionaires Haven’t Claimed Their Prizes Yet

Publish: 11.08.2019

Winning a multi-million lottery jackpot is a remarkable feat that has the power to change more than just one life, but once the prize is won, it won’t wait for the lucky winner forever.

Yes, you’ve got that right, a jackpot has its expiration date.

Why do we mention it? Because there are jackpots still waiting to be claimed in Quebec, and at this point, it’s virtually impossible to say when (or if) they’ll ever be claimed. 

Quebec Lotto Millionaires Haven’t Claimed Their Prizes Yet

C$1 Million Prizes Waiting to Be Taken Home

According to Loto-Quebec, a couple of Canada’s next millionaires have yet to grab their winning, and the provincial monopoly is still looking for them.

Under the law, lottery jackpot winners have 52 weeks to claim their winnings, or the prizes will expire. Five C$1 million jackpots are waiting for their respective winners, who are still hesitating to step forward.

When you think about it, there are many reasons not to claim such a prize. They can be quite simple, as losing the winning ticket, or very complex, with lucky winners fearing the impact this win could have on their life. Some wait to get ready for the picking up the prize or need more time to learn more about managing their finances.

Whatever their reasons may be, they need to hurry up and bag their money as soon as possible. According to an announcement made by Loto-Quebec, there are several prizes still waiting to be claimed, with 5 of them worth C$1 million.

Time Is Running Out

The latest one was drawn on June 1 to a Lotto 6/49 ticket sold in La Haute Yamaska. The lucky winner has less than 12 months to claim this prize.

Last month, a Quebec Max ticket purchased in Gatineau won another C$1 million prize, and its winner also has little less than a year to claim the windfall. But three prizes could soon expire, as they were drawn last year. 

A lucky player from Brome-Missisquoi needs to hurry up and claim his Lotto 6/49 prize, as it will expire on September 12. On September 30, a Lotto MAX jackpot worth C$1 million will also expire, while the winner of the Lotto MAX prize, linked to a ticket bought in Terrebonne has until October 28 to grab his winnings.

Several smaller jackpots are also waiting to be claimed, and all three of them are part of a bigger prize. They all need to be taken before the year comes to an end, or they’ll expire.

A portion of a Lotto MAX payout worth C$333,333.40 can be claimed untl October 28, while two prizes are set expire on December 2. The first obe is also a Maxmillions share, this time worth around C$500,000, while the second one expiring at the beginning of December is a C$250,000 share of a Guaranteed Lotto 6/49 prize, with the remaining portion already claimed by winners in Joliette.

Better check your lotto tickets again. Who knows, maybe one of these prizes is waiting just for you.