Privacy Breach Still Rocking Grey Eagle Casino

Publish: 31.01.2017

As the first month of 2017 winds down, the major privacy breach scandal at Grey Eagle Casino is still resounding loudly within the Canadian gambling community.

The Calgary-based casino is coming off from a difficult month at the beginning of the new year as confidential employee information has been hacked in what has been described as a major security scandal, but not the first scandal the casino were forced to deal with in 2017.

Privacy Breach

Sensitive personal information relating to current and former employees of this Canadian casino found their way out of the Eagle Eye limits and into an obscure website last week, as police continue their investigation.

More than a dozen documents containing confidential management notes which include employee complaints, exit interviews with critical comments on casino managers, termination letters and offers of employment were leaked, including names, addresses and Social Insurance Numbers.

Grey Eagle revealed shortly after the incident that all people who were named in the stolen documents were already contacted and that a forensic cyber team has been reviewing the casino’s security.

However, a wide-spread investigation has been launched by the Calgary Police and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Alberta as threats appear that more internal confidential information will be released further on.

Malicious Text Message

The latest scandal has been the second January blow to the casino which had to deal with a malicious text message which went out to Grey Eagle Casino customers earlier this month.

The text stated false information that casino was closed for the rest of the month because of a rodent problem and an infestation.

The sender of the text message is still unknown as the Grey Eagle Casino was forced to go public to warn its customers not to believe the message and to deny the casino closure.

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