Pollard Banknote Completes INNOVA Gaming Group Acquisition

Publish: 24.12.2017

Winnipeg-headquartered Pollard Banknote has announced the successful completion of the INNOVA Gaming Group acquisition by purchasing more than 976,000 common shares of the Canadian gaming company.

976,932 common shares that were bought represent 4.87% of the issued common shares, and were purchased for a price of $2.50 per share, while the total amount paid reached the sum of $2,442,300.

Before the latest acquisition, Pollard Banknote owned 19,096,967 common shares, and the current number of 20,073,899 shares is 100% of INNOVA Gaming Group’s issued and outstanding common shares.

The acquisition officially started back in April.

The shares were delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange on September 19.

About Pollard Banknote

Manitoba-based company was founded in 1907 and today is one of the leading global lottery partners for more than 60 companies around the globe. It offers instant ticket products and licensed games to its partners, as well as strategic marketing and management services.

With over 30 years of experience, Pollard Banknote helps lotteries to enhance their client engagement and sales.

73.5% of the company is owned by the Pollard family, while the remaining 26.5% of the shares is in the hands of public shareholders.

About INNOVA Gaming Group

Ontario-based developer of lottery and gaming products, INNOVA Gaming Group, was founded in 1994 and since then has been actively participating in the development of unique lottery and gaming products for the highly competitive global gaming industry.

The company’s center of interest is further development of companies providing gaming products, and in that process it particularly focuses on provincial lottery corporations.