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PokerStars Takes Players into a New World of Virtual Reality

Publish: 06.12.2018

The world’s largest online poker room, PokerStars, has just announced its latest innovation is finally available to download and play for free in all markets around the world where PokerStars is doing business.

Meet PokerStars VR, the game we’ve been waiting to see go live for months now, and whose launch follows a closed beta test, where more than 150 invited players tested it using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Poker Like You’ve Never Experienced It Before

According to available information and the posted reviews, the initial reactions were largely positive.

Following the launch of this truly ground-breaking release, PokerStars VR will be available to download via the Oculus and Viveport stores, and via Steam as well. To get in on the action, you’ll need an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset.

PokerStars Takes Players into a New World of Virtual Reality

The game has been developed together with Lucky VR, one of the leading names when it comes to virtual reality, and represents a well-balanced mix of serious gameplay, entertaining interactivity, and social engagement. The latter is sure to add a new dimension to poker games that will give players the chance to explore a whole new poker realm.

Once they start playing PokerStars VR, players will be swept away by the variety of social poker scenes the game has on offer. They will be free to choose a playing environment, ranging from an Old West saloon to futuristic scenes: Macau 2050, The Macau Suite, The Showdown Saloon, Monte-Carlo Yacht, and The Void.

Each player will be able to pick up and look at their cards, handle their chips, and interact with other players just as in they would do in a real game. The fun part of this interaction will allow players to use interactive props such as food, toys, and animals that can be tossed around the room during a game.

PokerStars VR also features voice commands, and integrated Twitch broadcasting and media streaming, although those who like to play and stream will be able to use this option only on Oculus Rift.

A New Dimension of Virtual Reality

Commenting on the new title, Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars said it had been amazing to see people really enjoy and become engrossed in the game. He pointed out PokerStars had wanted to venture into the world of virtual reality because it believed it was an exciting avenue of technology to explore and something that players would appreciate.

Rasset added he would highly recommend that everyone gave this game a try, as it could only truly be understood and enjoyed by experiencing it.

He also stated PokerStars were excited to invest in the next generation of the game and to give players the opportunity to meet in a brand new virtual reality dimension.

PokerStars VR brings a unique experience, and simulates the live one as closely as a game can, while its possibilities in terms of interactions are truly revolutionary. The development team has really put a lot of effort into making players feel like they’re playing a live poker game, with some of the options giving a whole new dimension to poker experience you’ve known so far.