PokerStars Not Giving Up on Pro Athletes

Publish: 30.03.2017

Proud child of Canada-based Amaya Inc. – the largest online poker cardroom on the globe PokerStars – is not ready to ditch their promo campaign which involves professional athletes playing poker.

Neymar & Ronaldo

We have seen some big names team up with PokerStars as part of their global marketing strategy that included putting an emphasis on athletes such as Brazilian sensation Neymar and Portuguese European champion Cristiano Ronaldo.

There has been plenty of anxious rumors spreading this week, claiming that PokerStars is ready to abandon this highly successful strategy when an email appeared, stating that starting from 1 April 2017 PokerStars will be focusing on their Welcome Bonus instead of Neymar and Ronaldo’s promo materials which ‘will no longer be valid for use’.

What this email reveals is that Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are apparently running out of contracts with PokerStars, but it does not suggest that PokerStars are ready to abandon their plan to go for globally appealing athletes and celebrities for marketing campaigns.

Sunday Million Anniversary

And while the online poker community was preoccupied with PokerStars’ marketing plans, the Amaya-owned company has decided to celebrate the Sunday Anniversary in style.

PokerStars’ biggest weekly tournament – PokerStars Sunday Million – is heading into its 11th anniversary, and for this particular occasion the company has decided to boost the guarantees win.

The Sunday Million prize usually goes with a $1.5 million guarantee, but on 2 April all players will hit the running for at least $10 million guarantees.

With $1 million of the entire sum guaranteed for the winner only, players will be able to get in line for the prize by buying their place in for $215 or simply play their way in through various events which start from as little as $1.

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